Orangerium Since 2015, Eliza and Rustam, have grown this successful artisan business in Mayo, a beautiful coastal county in the North West of Ireland.
Coming from the word "Orange" (colour) and the Latin ending "Rium" (suggesting place) "Orangerium" refers to a planet devoted to colour orange.
The name is intrinsically linked with the colour orange and its association with joy, fun and happiness. Orangerium is naturally playful and otherworldly, suggesting a planetary confabulation, a magical place where nature, intense colours and flights of the imagination all flow freely.
Every Orangerium product is designed and handmade entirely by Eliza and Rustam. Their methods of making, as well as their materials, are respectful of the natural environment, which they care deeply about. Every individual piece they create is thoughtful and considered, expressive of a particular place and time.
Orangerium items are often chosen and worn by people who are brave and bold with a sense of adventure and like to express their individuality and personality in the things they wear. These are highly wearable, highly desirable and very collectible pieces that will stand the test of time.
Orangerium products is a fantastic gift for someone you love or for yourself.