Collection: MAGIC WANDS

Bring your dreams to life with the power of your magic wand

 Bringing to you Premium Handcrafted Resin Magic Wand defining the base of witchcraft. We create this mystical instrument that is used for channeling energy as well as intention during spellwork and rituals. Our Personalized magic wand is one of the rarest creations made according to your preferences.

 Exclusively handcrafted with unique designs & bespoke themes like the Irish Garden, Atlantic Ocean & Celtic Forest, the creative magic wand is a distinctive treasure to keep. We preserve the beautiful and intricate natural elements perfectly in epoxy. We provide you an option to add initials, runes, numbers, and even words to make your wand even more meaningful. You can have it as a special token of your magical journey or save it as a sentimental heirloom.

 You can choose the little detailing you want to have in your wand, be it the color, materials, crystals, flowers, and zodiac birthstones. Let us explore your magical intentions and align the wand just the way you want.  

 Invoke your powers of imagination with a wave of your wand!

 Personalization options such as adding initials, numbers, runes, or words make your wand even more meaningful. It can become a sentimental heirloom or a special token of your magical journey.

Our happy customers are in over 30 countries including Ireland, Germany, UK, France,  USA: San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Pasadena and New York City.