Natural wood jewellery, hair-sticks and home decor products are sealed with danish oil and carnauba & bees wax what makes them water resistant. Please note, water resistant is not water proof. That’s why products made of wood shouldn’t be immersed in water or kept in high humidity. Hair Sticks and jewellery are perfectly fine to withstand short rains and damp hair. However prolonged exposure to moisture and rain, swimming, washing dishes, bathing or showering while wearing your jewellery should be avoided.
If your jewellery gets wet wipe it dry using soft cotton or microfiber cloth.
Keep your jewellery away from extreme and high temperatures, heat and direct sunlight. Do not use bleaches, cleaning products and other chemicals including those used in the household on your jewellery. Do not use perfumes, hair spray and other cosmetics on your jewellery.
When or if needed wooden elements should be resealed using danish oil or other suitable for this purposes oils.

If you have any questions on the above, need more information or advise on how to revive your favourite jewellery please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.