How to use a Hair Stick in a Cinnamon Bun

How to use a Hair Stick in a Cinnamon Bun

In this post, I'll show you how to do easy hairstyles with hair sticks, step-by-step, including tips for getting the best hold! You will learn how to make Cinnamon bun which is also known as ballet bun or a circle bun.

Brush all your hair into a ponytail. Make sure you have your hair stick to hand. Take hold of the hair and start twisting it up.

Then fold the hair around your finger.

Make sure you take hold of the ends of the hair so that the twists above your fingers doesn’t come undone.

Keep folding the hair around itself and make sure it doesn’t slip under itself, so you keep seeing the different twists.

Continue until you reach the very ends which you do want to tuck under the last twist.

Then take hold of your hair stick, slide it in the top twist, make sure you do this upside down.

Flip the hair stick over and then wiggle it trough the different twists until you reach the very end.


Common mistakes to avoid when making cinnamon bun:

Not making sure that hair stick goes through all the different twist and the bun came undone.

Tip: with the thicker hair stick you don’t have to wrap your hair quite as tightly.


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