Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Hair Sticks

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Hair Sticks

Before delving into hair stick tutorials and all beautiful accessories you might be curious about the reasons behind using hair sticks. Hair sticks are employed as a convenient and efficient method to style one's hair. This involves a swift twist and the insertion of a rod through the hair bun or updo. They are very comfortable and offer reliable support throughout the day.

Six main reasons why do people use Hair Sticks:

  1. Hair Support: The basic and most obvious role of hair sticks is providing support and structure to certain hairstyles, helping them stay in place and preventing them from unravelling. This is particularly useful for people with long or thick hair.
  2. Hairstyling: Hair sticks are often used as decorative accessories to create intricate and elegant hairstyles. They can be used to secure buns, twists, and other updos, adding an element of style and sophistication to the hairdo.
  3. Avoiding Hair Damage: Unlike elastic bands or metal clips, hair sticks are typically gentle on the hair and do not cause breakage or damage. They can be a preferred option for those who want to minimize hair damage.
  4. Fashion and Accessories: Hair sticks are often used as fashion accessories. They come in a wide range of designs, materials, and embellishments, allowing individuals to express their personal style and complement their outfits.
  5. Comfort: Hair sticks can be more comfortable to wear for extended periods compared to some other hair accessories, as they distribute the weight of the hair more evenly. When using them in hair bun, the hair does not get tangled.
  6. Special Occasions: Hair sticks are commonly used for special occasions like weddings, formal events, and cultural ceremonies. They add a touch of elegance to the overall look.

What should be the proper length of the hair stick?

Very often you ask me “How to choose the hair stick length?” There are no strict standards and a lot depends on individual preferences. However based on the experience I can give you some recommendations.

The neck hair length and shorter are not long enough to hold the hair stick in the bun.
For shoulder length I would choose 14-15 cm long and the resin top shouldn't be very thick, up to 18 mm.
For armpit length - 15 - 16 cm.
For bra-strap  length 16 - 17 cm.

For waist length 17-18 cm.
For tail bone length 18-19 cm

For classic length 19 and longer.

Some people prefer another way of choosing hair stick length:
1. Make a hair bun
2. Put a long pencil in it
3. Measure how much of the pencil is hidden in your hair bun
4. Add 2-4 cm from each side. However, if you prefer to show decorative top add 3-6 cm on that side. 5. The total number will indicate your hair stick length.

Tip: Please note that curly hair is much longer than they seem to be.

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